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Shakedown Meeting Notes:

We are less than two weeks from our scheduled departure. We are in the process of attempting to coordinate group transportation from the Purcellville Community Center to BWI on July 5th, 2002. If we can arrange it we will let everyone know the time you must be at the point of departure. It will be VERY EARLY. Our flight is scheduled for a 8:50AM departure at BWI. Thus leaving 1 hour for gear check in, 1/2 hour for getting through security and 2 hours travel time means a departure from Purcellville at or about 5:30AM. We will keep you posted.

I want to thank everyone for showing up today. I feel we accomplished quite a bit, buttttt we have a ways to go. Several participants need to turn in their documentation both originals and photo copies. You need to get that to Margueritet Trahey NO LATER than Wednesday of this week (Travis can get his to me).

Several participants still own money and need to get that turned in immediately. If you believe that you paid more that reflected in the attached workbook then you must work this out with Ruth Holland this week. All payments should be made by check, made out to Troop 163. Each crew now has a treasurer to assist getting your crews finances in order. Ruth will send a check today to Northern Tier for the remainder of our balance. Please note that with the latest loss of John Foug (Youth) from the crew most likely will impact our financials. We will work through this over the next couple days to determine the impact.

In an email I attached an Excel Workbook containing Seven (7) tabs or worksheets. (E070502BC Crew Workbook.xls)

They are the following:

  • Roster - Both Crew rosters and Roles
  • Emergency Contact All Participants Emergency Contact Info
  • Documentation - A check list of all documentation in my possession - Identifies what is still outstanding.
  • Gear Check Sheet - Our gear check List
  • Estimated Cost per Participant - Self Explanatory
  • Participant Payments - Self Explanatory (based on Ruth Hollands Records
  • Payments to Northern Tier - Self Explanatory

Please review each tab. On the documentation tab you will note the documentation you MUST turn in this week by Wednesday. I also noted that one of the medical forms has a P.O. box for emergency contact ... This will not be sufficient if we need to get in touch with someone. We need physical addresses where we can find the emergency contact.

It is the Crew Leaders responsibility to ensure that their crew is ready. You need to work directly with your crew. Please utilize your adult crew leader if you need guidance or support.

Quartermasters need to assemble all crew gear and report back to your crew leader with your completed inventory by Saturday June 29th (next Saturday). This includes working with your Adult 1st Aider to complete assembly of the crew First Aid Kits.

Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. I would also like to Identify a BACK HOME point person that can coordinate communications should the need arise. EXAMPLE: If our flights were delayed we would contact the BACK HOME point person and they would communicate it to all families. Please let me know if you know someone to fill that role.

Grubmasters please preparer your duty rosters for the daily meal cooking and clean up.