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Crew E070502BC


JUNE 22, 2002

10:00AM – 11:30AM



We are closing in on our departure date for this exciting trip to Northern Tier. In preparation and to ensure that we have everything ready for a fun filled outing we have decided to hold our mandatory shakedown meeting next Saturday, June 22, 2002 at 10:00 a.m. in the Loudoun Valley (Purcellville) Community Center Pavilion.

This important meeting is called a shakedown, which means the adults, and the boys will pack everything they intend to bring with them on the trip in the packs and stuff sacks they will be taking on the trip. We will go through the gear item by item checking it against the list provided by Northern Tier for inspection/discussion/recommendation. Participants are to bring everything they intend to take on the airplane to the community center pavilion on June 22nd. Some items can be shared to lighten the load. Some gear you have may be inadequate for this type trip.

Please note that it is recommended that you separate the gear you will be wearing to and from Northern Tier from the actual gear you will be taking on the canoe. Northern Tier provides lockers at base camp that we will leave our travel gear in. They recommend that you use a small duffel or backpack for your travel gear. Do not use a suitcase because the lockers have limited capacity.

Some other requests:

  1. Are there any bee sting allergies or food allergies? Any routine medication needed? Please call Marguerite at 540-338-9799 who will coordinate your needs with the CPR/first aider for each crew.

  2. Before you pack from the checklists on page A13 and 14 of your planning guide PLEASE READ PAGES A10 AND 11. There are many dos and don’ts on pages A10 & 11 that are not repeated in A13 & 14’s checklist. There is more and important packing advice on pages A43 and A49. THE FOLLOWING IS NOT LISTED ON PACKING LIST BUT NECESSARY TO BRING: head/hat netting for bugs, a compass, and a whistle. If you think of something to add that everyone could benefit from call Marguerite to get the word out.

  3. Please bring to this meeting the 5-page Medical form completed and signed by the doctor doing the physical. If you want a copy of this please do so ahead of time because this for will be collected & will go into the Check-In Binder being assembled by Tom Zedan.

  4. Please bring to this meeting 2 copies of the following identification: Adults over 18 yrs.- 2 copies Birth Certif. or Passport and 2 copies Drivers License or Social Security card. Boys under 18 – 2 copies Birth Certif.

  5. Please take a moment to re-read pages A19 to A22 because there may be warnings and advice that could concern you.

  6. On page A59 there are cool T-shirts and neckerchiefs offered that are personalized with your troop number with a shared shipping cost. I talked to the buy & he’ll ship them either here or have them ready there upon arrival. Let Marguerite know before June 15 or ASAP, if you’re interested. She’ll need your size and quantity and troop number to order them and we will settle up after the trip (?).

  7. NOTE TO FIRST AIDER/CPR – page 2 of the guide has common ailments you will be treating under “prevention of problems. Please read page A15 also for first aid kit suggestions. A snakebite kit should be in each kit although it is not listed.

  8. FYI- Good News! Jeff Steiber said that there would probably not be a fire ban as they have had much rain lately!

Click here for an equipment check list in Adobe PDF or MS Excel file format

All scouts will need to have their parents sign the Parental Release For on Page A26 at the meeting.