CalendarScript Debugger

Your server doesn't supply CalendarScript with enough information for it to run correctly.

The program uses either the PATH_TRANSLATED or the SCRIPT_FILENAME environment variables to find out the local filesystem path of the script itself, so it can then find its supporting files. Most web servers provide this information to CGI scripts, but yours does not.

You will need to edit the two script files - (or .cgi) and (or .cgi) - and manually enter the filesystem path where the script is located.

You will also need to make the same change to this (or .cgi) script in order to continue using it to debug any possible problems.

Information on how to do this can be found in the CalendarScript Documentation under the problem which starts "PROBLEM: Your browser displays the message..."

If you do not know what path to use for this, the following is a suggestion. This is the best guess that this program can make given based on the information it has. It is not guaranteed to be correct on all systems, but might help:

Suggested Path = calendarscript/

For more information, see the documentation or visit the Support Forum

Once this problem is fixed, please re-run this debugger to check for any further errors!